Being a treatise on VSF and Mars, and on 19th Century colonial warfare in general

(with a nod towards Messrs Gilbert and Sullivan, lest I take myself too seriously)

Friday, 7 June 2013


It's been a while, what with the real world taking its toll, and being distracted by the Boxer Rebellion.  But I have been tinkering with shield gunners, that trademark Oenotrian troop-type from Soldiers Companion, and I see no reason why other city states won't have borrowed the idea.

So here's what I have managed so far.

The raw materials are just a Martian Imperial Guard Halberdier - one with the halberd held close to horizontal should work best - plus a pavise from the Imperial Guard with guns.

I trimmed the halberd a few mm forward of the left hand, to allow the "shotgun" to project through the shield a bit.  I also bent the end of the halberd down to suggest a shotgun stock.  I then chopped and filed the pavise down a bit, and drilled out a hole slightly off-centre to take the shotgun.

And that's pretty well it.  Between the left forearm and the "barrel" you've got a pretty good surface area to glue the shield on, and here are three based up.  I think that the notch in the pavise/shield works nicely for the look.

Not too bad for 5 minutes work really, although I may add a shield strap if I'm feeling adventurous. I also have to decide out how to deploy them.  I may mix them with my halberdiers, as shield guns are essentially close combat weapons.