Being a treatise on VSF and Mars, and on 19th Century colonial warfare in general

(with a nod towards Messrs Gilbert and Sullivan, lest I take myself too seriously)

Abbreviations & Glossary

YMMV:  your Mars may vary.  (Nothing in this blog is gospel!)


DoB2: Din of Battle 2 (Piquet)
ME: Martian Empires (Oozlum Games)
SC: Soldier's Companion (Heliograph, formerly GDW)
SP: Sharp Practice (Too Fat Lardies)

Betaan:  plant with a spongy interior; hardens like concrete after being soaked and mixed with sand
Bujaan:  musket
Daa-nuu:  torsion-powered stone thrower
Hojaan:  a rocket
Hojaan-nuu:  a crossbow used to launch rockets
Jee-oo:  bamboo-like plant used for making gun barrels. See also Fnuuk in Space:1889
Kwanchi:  cavalry soldier (Parhooni Qua'anshi)
Panchi:  artillery soldier (Parhooni: Pua'anshi)
San-bujaan:  jingal or wall musket
Sanchi:  infantryman (Parhooni Sa'anshi)

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