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Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Time for a plan

OK, I've been silent long enough, so it's time for a plan that might actually force me to progress stuff.

The silence isn't due to anything in particular; there have been some health issues and bereavements to be sure, but they're more in the nature of excuses than reasons. I've spread myself thinly over several projects (with their own blog pages), all of which have suffered from scope creep (naturally), which has also not helped. So bullets need to be bit, knots cut and so on.

So here goes as far as my Martian project is concerned. Here's a list of things I need to move along far enough to publish something interesting / meaningful / out-of-personal-vanity.

1) Go public on my New Improved™ figure basing methodology

2) For foot units, show the conversion process and finalised units (once finished ...)

3) Artillery - OK this does need more work, but at least I'm happy with the basing basics.

4) I still need to finalise workable basing for my Gashant cavalry. This needs some consideration of the effect of leverage on composite bases. Sounds impressive, huh? Nah, but some experimentation required. I also need to get happy with painting schemes.

5) Ruumet Breehrs needed for transportation. Show the workings.

6) Jolly green giants. Get to a stage where I can share some photos.

7) Arak. OK this is one of the project creep thingies, but so kewl! Based on the Khurasan Miniatures Blackpowder Sci Fi range here.

8) Hullcutter - this really has been gathering dust for a year or two as I went down the wrong path on the panelling. I probably need to strip/sand this back and start again.

OK, so there's a list of things that need doing. All I need to do now is to start progressing them!

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy 2019!


Colonel O'Truth said...

Seems we both took a break! Nice to have you back!

Paul O'G said...

I too have taken a prolonged sabbatical to other gaming and hobby genres, which was enjoyable. Happily, a new VSF affectionado has arrived at our club which will also reinvigorate my own adventures on the Red Planet!