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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Gashants III

Yes, I'm still in the land of the living, but this working lark has taken its toll on hobby time.  It's hard to believe that it's over 6 months since the last posting.  Anyway, the inestimable Rodrick Campbell fired off my order of gashants in very quick order, but they have been languishing on the work table since then.

However  today I bestirred myself to actually do SOMETHING, and that something is shown below.

There was a certain amount of clipping and filing to do on the saddlecloths of the Black Hat figures, and  I also had to trim around the reins and saddle on the gashants, but all of it was quite simple. The most difficult is the pinning of the rider to his mount, but I imagine that's just me. After an hour's work for the first four, it's looking like a good fit and I'm glad I went down this route.  

They still need some filling with green stuff around the edges of the saddlecloths, but they're almost ready for the painting queue.

So a big thumbs up from me for the marriage of Black Hat riders and Highlander gashants.

EDIT 15 May 2014: I should also add that Mike Lewis at Black Hat was happy to send me packs of eight riders (without Octosaurs), so this is looking better cost-wise too!


Galdarbjelke said...

I am impressed!
I can hardly keep up with my 25mm Mars projekt. Consider those are 15mm Martian Cavalry, you are good at pinning Sir!

Clive G said...

Very kind, but you didn't see my drill slip. It's a nightmare trying not to bleed on the next figure :-)

DLI said...

Bravo Sir.

J Womack, Esq. said...

I need to do exactly the same thing. Glad to see that it worked out so handsomely. Perhaps my troops have a chance of success after all!

Clive G said...

Too kind :-)

Clive G said...

Hopefully your rate of progress will be less glacial than mine!